Donkey Sanctuaries

A Note About Donkey Sanctuaries

Funds raised through the sale of Alfred's Special Place go to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, in Puslinch, ON.   

Supporting a donkey sanctuary means that your money will go directly to help a donkey in need.  Before you donate, research the sanctuary. 

Here is a list of what to look for at a donkey rescue/sanctuary:
- Visit the sanctuary on their open days

- Find out if they are a charitable organization - while this is not a guarantee of the best donkey care, it does entail good organizational and administrative skills.  A charity must post their financial statements each year and a charity has a board of directors who are able to consider what is best for the donkeys in their care. 

- Ask the sanctuary about hoof and vet care.  Visit the sanctuary, look around, notice if the donkeys are well cared for. 

- Are the donkeys in spacious paddocks with access to water, hay, and shelter

- Are the donkeys hooves trimmed? 

- If the sanctuary adopts out their donkeys, what is the process for adoption?  How do they ensure the new family is appropriate? 

- Does the sanctuary have special needs donkeys?  A true sanctuary has donkeys with special needs such as extreme shyness from a history of abuse, medical concerns that are manageable such as a donkey requiring attention to his/her hooves on a frequent basis in oder to remain sound.  Special needs donkeys must be receiving extra care and attention by qualified people.